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Porsche Stability Management = Please Save Me
Haaaa !


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I’m no fan of drifting, but this Gatebil video does tick some boxes… Maybe the music (by Scratch Massive) ?

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Porsche Klassik

Just found this “new” magazine – Porsche Klassik – although it is already on the 5th issue. However, issues 1-4 were german only.

2x / Year, Great photos and text… Now I’m waiting for issue #6.


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The right one.

Remember this ad, the catchy tune ?
I do, at least the tune, with Portuguese lyrics… Back then, men were men, drinks could be had any time and Martini-Porsche was ruling the tracks !
How appropriate that the ad stars the mighty Carrera Turbo that almost won Le Mans in 74, ending up in 2nd.

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The Ercole Spada issue.

As already mentioned, when I was recently at Autoworld Brussels they were having a small exhibit on the works of Ercole Spada. He was chief stylist at Zagato during the most of the 60’s, where he penned some of his most recognizable (and Zagato’s !) designs. After leaving Zagato, he went to BMW (5 and 7 -series), to IDEA and back to Zagato. Currently he works for his own studio (with his son) – Spadaconcept.

First was the Aston DB4 GT Zagato – my favourite (yes, I’m predictable).


The stunning Alfa-Romeo Giulia TZ (for Tubolare Zagato). In 2010, Zagato come up with a very interesting sequel, the TZ3 Corsa and Stradale, based on a Dodge Viper (!)


There was also the less exotic Alfa-Romeo GT 1300/1600 Junior Zagato, using the mechanicals of the popular 105/115 series.



The Lancia Fulvia Sport Zagato.


Finally, the Lancia Flaminia Sport Zagato, for me, the less appealing of all. Interestingly, different versions of the Flaminia Coupé were built by Pinifarina, Touring and Zagato – People were spoiled for choice !



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Why we love the 911.

Simply because… there’s nothing like it. From the LeMans 24H to a Rally, Safari, Hillclimb there’s nothing it can’t do.
It is the swiss army knive of sports cars.

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Tattoo ?

A potential idea for a tattoo…


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