Feeling Macan-ish

I’ve seen the first Macan in the flesh and can report that it looks “chunky” and sounds quite “growly” at take-off (at least the Turbo). I’m sure they will sell like hot cakes…
This one had plates that looked suspiciously factory “bred” – press car maybe ?

Being prepped at the car wash…


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This is the place…


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April 1, 2014 · 8:11 pm

Hot wheelin…

How many car designers choose their career with a little help from Hot Wheels ? More than a few, I suspect.
Their stylists are the unsung heroes of the auto industry. Now and then (disguising it as a gift for my kids…) I buy a few. Yesterday, a 5-pack yielded these beauties… Meet HW40, Ground FX and Nitro. Keep Hot Wheelin.


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A good meeting

On top of steely eficiency, here’s proof that Porsche has a sense of humour…

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Funky filters

Have you ever seen such “cutesy” air filters ?
I’m considering them for my future EFI/ITB mod but, obviously, dressed in b/w houndstooth / pepita !


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Baap, Baap !!

Can’t wait to hear them sing !


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Every curve, a delight…

Couldn’t resist this “cheap” shot…


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