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May 19, 2015 · 7:30 pm

ICE Baby !

The wonders of the ICE trains…


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Pepita rules !

One of my favorite books on Porsche is Ferry Porsche’s autobiography – “Cars are my life”.

20150513-214025.jpg Despite, owning the book for more than 20 years, only today I realized that the good Doctor is wearing a jacket with a Pepita pattern !

20150513-214252.jpg Pepita is a Porsche signature from long ago – first introduced as a seat pattern in the mid 60’s.

20150513-214925.jpg And recently revived for the 50Y anniversary edition of the 911.


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Pimples and dimples.

Ever wondered why all 911’s pre-964, have this sort of pimples on the outer edges of the headlights glass ?
It turns out that during development, the engineers couldn’t get rid of some condensation appearing on the edges of the glass, harmless but not pleasing to the eye.
Enter Herr PiĆ«ch, master overseer, who decreed “if we can’t get rid of them, we’ll adopt them”. And so, the pimples were born.


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A forest stroll.


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April 26, 2015 · 7:56 pm

Pilgrimage II

Chris Rusby is at it again. Remember the first pilgrimage, where he bought and brought an old 911 from Greece to the UK, sight unseen ?

Well, it seems a new adventure has already taken place…

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A word from our sponsor…

Save the Whales !


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