Cayenne ??? We don’t need no stinking SUV !

Check the video below from the Rallye Transsiberia 2007, especially after the 2:49 mark, when an aircooled 911 becomes watercooled for a brief moment…

And again (after 1:32) ! in the process humiliating a Mercedes ML…

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Well done !

Congrats to Porsche on another well earned Weltmeister title.

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Having fun at 1:4 scale…

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It’s time for another Porsche night…

Once again, the Porsche Soundnacht took its place a few weeks ago, at the Porsche Museum.

Eleven fabulous cars and sounds. My favorite though, was the orange RSR IROC !

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This 911 is not like they used to be…

The 911’s you’re about to see, circling around the Sebring racetrack, are a new kind of beast… It’s the long rumoured, and badly needed, mid-engined 911 (telltale: no rear window !).

Before anyone commits suicide, let’s just say that going mid-engine is the ONLY option that can allow the 911 RSR to fight for victory within the current LMGTE regulations.

And no, I don’t think production 911’s will go mid-engined in the future.

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I bet…

…You didn’t know Porsche had made a Diesel Cabriolet in the past.

In the auto world, no one does subtle humour like Porsche.

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The honest 911.

Very interesting review on the 911R (yes, another). This time by Jason Cammisa from Motor Trend. The more interesting bit is about noises…

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