Never be late for work again…

… or a very expensive alarm clock.

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My kind of hybrids…

Not all hybrids are born alike.

Only Porsche can claim an electric lineage going back to 1898


And a hybrid going back to 1900

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Perfect Circle.


Or in their words…

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1:3 scale…

Amazing sound ! Just like the real thing.


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24:17 !

Wowzaaa ! Porsche has won at LeMans for the 17th time. Congrats to all involved !


As I was somewhat antecipating this… I already a t-shirt design to celebrate the 919 Hybrid. Click here to go to the store.


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Replica Wanted !

This is a Porsche 908LH. In my humble opinion, the prettiest, most elegant racing car ever to come out of Zuffenhausen, and even beyond…
Why hasn’t anyone thought (to my knowledge) of creating a replica ?
Clearly not as famous as anything from the 917 lineage or even the 904, all the cars from the 906/7/8/10 generation are incredibly handsome, and fully deserve more attention and love… who will be the first ?


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Wide RS..R


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