Perfection in 1:43

This is a stunning model from one of my favorite racing Porsches – the 934/5 (aka 934 1/2). In effect a 934 with some bits from the Group 5 935, either added by the factory or private teams.

The model is, I believe, from Kyosho and has fantastic detail for a 1:43. Some years ago, I was into collecting 1:18 models but I stopped due to lack of room to display them. 1:43 models, although not overloading the senses in the same way, are a good compromise, both in room needed and money spent. Might this be the first of many to come…

Porsche 934/5

On the subject of the 934/5, a side note – having my “formative” years in the 70’s, it’s hard to convey to a younger audience the supremacy demonstrated by Porsche in so many motorsport categories. They really had an “aura” of invencibleness and ruthlessness efficiency. I became addicted for life.

Porsche 934/5


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