A perfect vision

I guess most 911 addicts have their own vision of what the “perfect / dream” 911 is. For most that would be the latest flavor currently available (nowadays, the 991), others won’t stray far from the early/ longhood “sect”.

Me, I would take the middle ground. My favourite shape is clearly the RSR of 74 and I would stick with an aircooled engine of no more than 3 litres, atmospheric of course. To this I would add some modern refinements / upgrades to make life a bit easier, and the possibility of using it as a daily driver more feasible.

This, within reasonable bounds. Multi-kids school runs are best left to minivans and such. Frequent long distance trips are better for a good diesel option, but… you get the drift.

With this in mind, I put together a simple list of requirements and added a few RSR photos to make for a more interesting reading…

The Perfect 911

  • Emphasis on streetability and usability. Track capable but not the ultimate track machine. Adequate performance.
  • Capable of daily use on mixed weather.
  • Ability to carry 2 kids on the back.




  • Coupé body with IROC RSR / Carrera RS 3.0 body mods
  • “Light” rollcage (maintain access to rear seats)
  • Front strut brace
  • RS sport seats
  • Maintain rear seats
  • Spartan / functional interior (rubber mats, etc)
  • No power windows / locks / mirrors
  • Door cards with storage bins (no RS cards)
  • Heated windshield
  • AC with compact compressor
  • Working heating
  • Simple radio w/ MP3
  • Colour: Slate grey ?


Wheels etc…:

  • “917 type” 16” wheels (Penta Motorsports ?) painted matt black
  • 930 / 917 brake callipers / disks
  • Small “lowering”
  • Adjustable shocks
  • Electric switchable power steering (for city use)

RSR / 917 wheel


  • 3ltr engine
  • twin plug
  • EFI setup with 2 switchable maps (normal / peaky ?)
  • Front central oil cooler
  • aim for 280 hp
  • 915 gearbox


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