We don’t need no stinking flat 6 !

912. Poor man’s Porsche. Glorified VW. Etc. We’re all familiar with these derogatory expressions.
However, there’s more to the 912 than meets the eye. Lighter and cheaper than a 911, it can make for a purer experience, especially with a slightly “massaged” engine.

Meet Ron Wolfe, 912 owner and believer in the “there’s no such thing as enough power” school of thinking. After going through many additions and tweakings, including an upgraded 2ltr engine from a 76′ 912E, that eventually managed some 150bhp, he decide to went a step further…

Yep, heretic as it may sound, he decided on a turbocharged Subaru Impreza STI engine… It’s still a flat-4, ok ?
Also, there the similarity ends. There was a sizeable amount of work and ingenuity in making ends meet. But the result seems convincing, check the videos below. First start…

First run…

I’m anxious to get more feedback on this as it progresses. I’ll keep you posted.


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2 responses to “We don’t need no stinking flat 6 !

  1. sitting here with a glass of bourbon enjoying your awesome site. great content! quite surprise and an honor to find my little project included here, thanks for sharing it. i had buttoned up many details and was very much enjoying it but the 901 trans was just not up to the chore so out it went and a modified WRX 5 speed with a factory LSD went in. as you can imagine many other things are having to be tweaked to get it to work but ultimately, I think it will be a much more stout set up. Cheers, happy holidays and happy new year!

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