Hail the cookie

The humble “Cookie Cutter”, made by ATS, was first introduced in 1973 as a 15×6. For a few years, it was the “middle” option on a 911, whereas the Fuchs remained at the top. Later, available as 15×7, they became standard equipment on 944’s (with black centers), outlasting their useful life on 911’s.

They’re made by a casting process, so although light, they’re not as strong as the Fuchs which are forged. However, they can be found for much less, less money.

For me, they represent (but I own these ones so I’m partial…) a cheaper, stylish and much rarer choice than the Fuchs, which let’s face it, are everywhere !

With their 5 spokes and moderate “dishing” they’re clearly 70’s, so will look good on any Impact-Bumper 911. But, there’s no 16″ option…


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