Le Mans 24 – Another take

Much has been written about this year’s 24Hrs, but for me the big news was… I was there for the first time !
It was a fabulous experience where you’re constantly assaulted by strong sights and sounds (all night long). Also, being able to drive on most of the circuit, depending on the hours, is another plus…

Driving yourself down the Mulsanne straight is always a rush…

Even in the wet… even going the wrong way… even in a Diesel S-Max…

As everyone knows, this was a sort of black year for Porsche at Le Mans, as the first 911 finished on 21th ! I didn’t researched it but I suppose this was the worst overall classification achieved by Porsche for many, many years.

Let’s hope they get their act together at least for 2014. Otherwise, we Porsche fans, we’ll be forced to live on memories of past glories, forever talking about the good old times…

But there was another show going on at Le Mans at the same time, and it’s the common people. The many fans / addicts that converge on this tiny piece of land for a week, to have a good and noisy time. Everyone brings their week-end / track-day cars (if they have one !) most of them stickered to the max. Even caravans get the treatment.

As usual, the British Expeditionary Force was the largest, both in numbers and in enthusiasm, although there was also a sizeable Danish armada travelling mostly on buses.

Next year, or in 2014, I’ll be back !


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