Die Deutscher Motown

Have you ever been to Autostadt ? Do you know what we’re talking about ?

Autostadt is an automotive “theme park” that sits alongside the VW Wolfsburg plant. Conceived primarily to showcase the many (and expanding… Ducatti) VW group brands, its scope goes beyond that, as it includes a nice museum, temporary exhibitions, offroad tracks, a guided tour to the Wolfsburg plant, (well worth it !) stores, restaurants and many other “goodies”.

I went there for a day in 2000 and enjoyed it immensely. Since then many changes happened, and the “petrolhead” appeal has certainly increased.

You can even pre-order any VW and arrange it to be delivered during your visit. Vehicles ready for Autostadt delivery are stored in two huge glass towers that are a real sight. Recently they can also be “toured” from the inside.

Each VW brand has its own showcase in the form of a specially designed pavillion, meant to reflect (outside and inside) the core values of the particular brand.

Specially important for us, is that the Porsche pavillion was recently completed and opened to the public. It has a striking design, where the roof imitates the shape of a 911 roof. See it !

Warning ! Its not the Porsche Museum… It gives you an overview of Porsche history and its current models, but that’s all. It’s not an alternative to the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart.

There’s also the Lamborghini pavillion…

Bugatti is included in the “Premium Clubhouse” pavillion, along with Bentley…

There’s also the “Zeithaus”, a car museum not confined to just the group brands. It has a permanent exhibition and temporary ones (currently Design Icons).

Finally for your stay, you can keep on the grounds if you check in at the Autostadt Ritz-Carlton, or you can find much cheaper alternatives in nearby Wolfsburg or even Braunschweig.

Now that the holidays are coming, why not take the trip ?


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