Power to the people

A few months ago, on a quest for a more period correct radio for my 911, I bought a late 70’s Becker Europa. Nice radio and nice condition but… the output was really feeble: 1 x 7W !

Humm… time for a new project. After searching the web for simple 12V audio amps, I found one very simple design based on the TDA7375 chip. 2 x 25W is nothing remarkable, but it sure beats 7w and it’s Stereo ! Also, it was the opportunity to add a switchable aux input for my Iphone.

After the circuit was ready and tested, it was time to put it in a nice metal enclosure, that was just the right size to fit below the radio, but still hidden from view by the lower lip of the dashboard.

Now, if only I could find a cure for the noise made by the Targa roof, I would be able to enjoy the radio when away from the traffic lights !

For the more technically minded, here is the amp’s circuit diagram.


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