Ode to Nine-eleven: Part I

What makes the 911 still such an alluring proposition after almost 50 years ? And still being able to make ordinary men go weak at the knees, irrespective of the particular generation or vintage ? In the next couple of posts I’ll try to summarize what I think are the key points.


Looks. In any car they’re important, for a sports car more so. The 911 has a simple, clean rakish profile that hasn’t changed since the beginning. Recognisable instantly anywhere, it shouts fast car since 64. Besides there’s the familiarity factor. Irrespective of the shape, you know it’s a 911, so it ought to be fast.

Lastly, is it just me or those wide rear haunches (getting ever wider since the first Carrera), really hold a powerful appeal upon males ? Unintentional or not, they hint strongly at female hips and buttocks, and that’s a strong, primal appeal, wouldn’t you say so ?



Performance / Thrilling factor

Since the 70’s, at least, the 9 has been at the top of the game when it comes to handling prowess and thrills per mile. Never on the far end of the power wars, but still with plenty enough to excite and scare. Reminds me of the old R-R quote: “Power is adequate and even a bit more”.


For a long time, 2 kinds of people have flocked to the 911 – Those who want to drive it and those who want to be seen driving it (and some belong to both). I bet they all get a good return on their money, but the first group stays with the deeper impressions. If you enjoy driving, and once you get the hang of it, driving a 911 is an immensely tactile (sometimes verging on the raw !) experience.

It’s has the sports car core attribute, a truly agile car that telepathically obeys your wishes for direction and speed changes, all the while to the tune of an unmistakable, rasping engine noise. It’s the feeling of being at one with a tool, having the confidence that it’ll do what you want it to, no more, no less, like an extension of yourself.

Speaking of thrills, let’s hear it from an expert…

What do you think ? Do my ramblings make sense to you ?


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