We all knew this…

Recently, in order to celebrate its 50th birthday, Car Magazine decided to conduct a poll among its readers to choose the greatest cars from the last 50 years. The result, combined with the editorial team opinion, was published in the October issue. Unsurprisingly (at least for us), the Porsche 911 came out in the top spot.

To properly celebrate this, they’ve driven a 991 Carrera and a 65′ 911 along the Furka pass. This makes for interesting reading as the 65′ shows to have some aces up the sleeve. Namely, the unbeatable steering feel and almost surprising the 991 when it gets caught in the wrong gear.

This matches a subjective feel I had when testing a 991 Carrera S some months ago. Despite the much higher speeds that you can reach on any situation, when compared with an old air-cooled 911, the older feels more fast, agile and quicker off the mark at lowish speeds. It’s down to the greater feel and feedback that you get from the go. I risk adding, that at low, back road speeds, you get more fun from the old ones.

What do you think ?


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