Too late for a K

Today, while browsing an old issue of Car magazine from 89, my “trained” eye caught an appearance of the venerable Bosch K-Jetronic injection system on the wacky Cizeta-Moroder V16T supercar.


I found it weird for a sophisticated production car from 89-90 to still use that system. On their 911s, Porsche stopped using it some 4 years before, trading for the much more advanced Motronic, after being a K devotee for more than 10 years as the first 911 fueled by this system was the T starting in January 1973.


I can only speculate that developing a Motronic for a 16 cylinder engine was much more expensive than repurposing a pair of 8 cylinder K units. Can anyone shed some light on this peculiar choice ?

Meanwhile, until at least 2006, Cizeta Automobili was still accepting orders for new V16Ts, although the engine seems to had suffered some changes along the way, even trading the K for something more recent. Notice also, how the engine compartment became a lot more tidy, adopting the contemporary fashion of “covering everything in plastic”.




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