I finally went ahead and bought a bottle of Jagermeister, something that any true Porsche addict shouldn’t be without.
Jagermeister (Huntmaster in German) is a herbal liquor best consumed cold (very). I keep it in the freezer at -18C and it’s mouth-wateringly excellent !


For many, many years I didn’t know what Jagermeister stood for. I just knew it was written on the side of some fabulous 934’s that seemed to win every GT race in the mid 70’s. Those were the days…


A few years later Tamiya come out with a fantastically detailed 1/12 scale model kit of this same car. My, how I lusted after it, as it was quite pricey ! In fact, I still continue to lust. As they became collector items, the price has more or less kept up  with the inflation since then.



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