Another celebration – 50Y911 @ Estoril


This last weekend was time for the Portuguese official 50Y911 celebration. Held during saturday and sunday in the Estoril-Sintra-Cascais triangle, it finished on sunday afternoon with an “Historic Sprint Challenge” (a race by another name) and a final parade along the Estoril racetrack.


The race was interesting in mixing every 911 generation known to man (even a 65′ was present !) and was won (predictably…) by a 997 GT3 RS. However, there was briefly a duel between a GT3 and a “middie” of unknown origin ! I have no clue on its engine (RSR clone ?), but it was by far the loudest car on track and it put a good fight.


As for the cars on display, there was a huge assortment of “regular” 997s, 991s and to a lesser degree 996s, but they didn’t stirred my soul. I’m getting a bit jaded, perhaps, but despite being fine cars and fine Porsches, seeing a 997 or 991 doesn’t increase my heart rate… Unless it’s a GT3, of which there was none. Seems that hardcore portuguese Porsche drivers are a very rare breed indeed.


Also, do you notice that all modern cars are either black, gray or white ?

Yikes !!! What happened to colour, people ? Show some imagination and daring, stop thinking about resale values. These are supposed to be sport / fun cars.

Predictably the only dash of colour came from the “oldies” where we could find some reds and a very nice Chartreuse Carrera RS.


Brownie points to this interesting S/T replica, in Mexico Blue, one of my favourite colours.


And this, rather rare Sport Classic, the first one I’ve seen in the flesh / metal.


Oh, and did I mention that Walter “God” Röhrl did a few doughnuts just before the race ?



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