Spot the similarities

The compact sport executive segment which BMW has so ably dominated with every passing generation of the 3 Series (sorry MB,  Audi  :)) had its historical inception and inspiration in the old Rover’s P6 – mainly known as 2000 / 2200 / 3500.

If we pick one of the 3’s earliest generations (E30), beside the concept and technical highlights hidden below, can’t we also glimpse some aesthetical (proportions, stance) similarities ? What’s your opinion ? Or am I going over the rocker ?



As a final note, it’s a pity that Rover went belly up, eventually dragging even it’s old image and reputation down the black hole of history. Otherwise, these cars would be a lot more valued and maybe someone could make a good quality restomod of it (think Mechatronik, Eagle).

A refreshed P6 driven by an 3.9 or 4.2 EFI V8 with updated brakes / wheels /suspension should be a delight… Any takers out there ?


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