The father of all Bentleys.

Since the 70’s I had some fascination with RR Merlin powered cars, probably due to a intensive diet of Battle of Britain comics during my more impressionable years !

The first one that I came across was this, built by Paul Jameson and John Dodd, appropriately called “The Beast“. Over the years it metamorphosed into the longish station wagon that you can see in the linked page. Also, others have come and gone, but I digress…



My favourite of all is clearly this one, recently bought by Jay Leno. Built in the style and guise of a 20’s Blower Bentley, it started in fact as the frame of a RR Phantom II. The engine is not really a Merlin, but a less powerful variant, the Meteor, although still good for about 650bhp !

Fuel injection was added, along with disk brakes, electric power steering and numerous other improvements. The quality and attention to detail, as can be seen from the video, is astonishing. The noise is delicious… check it.


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