Loose ends from Autoworld Brussels…

Just a few loose ends from my recent trip to Autoworld Brussels…

A small Fiat engine from the early 20th century. So handcrafted, it could come from a teenager Science Fair project.


This is the electric Sinclair C5. Remember Sinclair ? In Europe, those above a certain age (me) remember it as the guy who first popularized personal computers (ZX81, Spectrum). He also come up with this personal mobility device 30-odd years ago… Too early as it turned out, it was a flop.


Portrait of Mercedes Jellinek, daughter of Emil Jellinek, who sat on the board of Daimler-Benz in the early 1900’s. And yes, Mercedes are Mercedes because of her.


 This is the Lancia Hyena, a Zagato one-off based on a Lancia Delta HF Integrale. Never heard about it before, but that’s ok…


A very weirdly bodied Bugatti. Not pretty, but quite remarkable and aerodynamic for the time.


Close-up of the fine woodwork on a 40’s Ford convertible. Bring up the cedar oil !


This is the American Crosley from the late 40’s. A good first try at making a small car… It was reasonably roomy inside.


This bullet like contraption is the Belgian “Jamais Content”, at one time the fastest electric car in the world.


 An early shot at building a caravan / motorhome on the chassis of a Ford T (?) I like the porch on the back…


Finally, the Belgium made Gillet Vertigo. A very small production supercar that achieved some sucess in GT races in the late 00’s. Quite brutal in its looks, this is the competition version, as there are more civilized / leatherized versions available.



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