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Calendar time

It’s that time of the year when you might contemplate buying a nice calendar for your viewing pleasure. For the last 2 years, I bought different Porsche themed calendars, so I might lend you a hand in choosing one too…

First there’s the one from Bob Tilton’s werkcrew (which I bought last year). It’s still in the final stages, but it promises to be good. Check it here. Bob’s photos and approach tend to the early S / R-Gruppe / Outlaw culture and I like it !

Another one is the LKC calendar. LKC stands for Lehrenkraus Cafe and is a forum / group of Porsche minded people in Portugal. Their first shot at a calendar is a first class act and, besides, my car appears on the September page ! You can order it here.

Finally, bikes ! I have a soft spot for customized motorbikes and I’m a daily addict on the BikeEXIF site. They have produced a very tasty calendar here.

So, which one do you prefer ?

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OT: Custom Bikes

I love custom bikes. In fact I’m becoming addicted to BikeEXIF. Just check this 2Wheeled object of desire…

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