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Shadows and stripes


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June 2, 2017 · 3:45 pm

Bri-lli-ant !

From Luftgekühlt IV…

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Maybe next Christmas…

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Damn !

I had this radical new idea for a car, and then found out that someone got a patent for it, already…



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Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a new tub ?

I know it’s late for Christmas, but…


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This 911 is not like they used to be…

The 911’s you’re about to see, circling around the Sebring racetrack, are a new kind of beast… It’s the long rumoured, and badly needed, mid-engined 911 (telltale: no rear window !).

Before anyone commits suicide, let’s just say that going mid-engine is the ONLY option that can allow the 911 RSR to fight for victory within the current LMGTE regulations.

And no, I don’t think production 911’s will go mid-engined in the future.

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Kussmaul Chronicles.

Introduction video for what seems to be truly a MUST-HAVE book, the “Kussmaul Chronicles”. Obviously, it chronicles the life and exploits of R. Kussmaul, who stayed for more than 30 years at Porsche’s motorsport department.

As you’ll see he was involved in all of Porsche’s racing achievements during that period. What a life !

The book can be bought here, and I’m off to order mine. Ciao !

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