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Multi POV from RRV

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A most unlikely chase…

Just found this wild chase scene from “Alarm für Cobra 11 – Die Autobahnpolizei“… The place they depart from is the Meilenwerk, probably in Dusseldorf.

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Jeff Zwart again… this in time in 4K.

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Porsche heaven… On steroids !


And more !

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More than Sun…

Although Algarve is widely known for a lot of Sun, there’s more to it….
Like one of the best racetracks in the World – AIA – Portimão.
Am I right or am I right ?


And below the complete comparison between 918, LaLaLa and P1. Surely one of the greatest vids ever from Chris Harris. Absolutely epic !

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A legend was born.

Only a few days back, RUF published for the first time the full clip of Yellowbird circling the Nordschleife. Afterwards,  Yellowbird became the stuff of legend and did wonders for the visibility of RUF.

Many years later, it’s still entrancing to watch. The courage and skill the driver demonstrates, still awe us all. Just notice the crazy angles he applies to the wheel in trying to manhandle the beast !

I bet that any modern 900hp-plus hybrid/phev/ice hypercar is easier to handle round the Ring than the CTR’s puny 400hp were at the time.

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Perfect Circle.


Or in their words…

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