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The $300 GT3 RS

Start saving…

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Getting fat…

Interesting comparison – at 1/18 scale – between a G-series 911 and a current 991.
It’s not that the 991 is much bigger, length wise regarding its ancestor, but rather a question of girth. Like, say… a Panzer versus a Kubelwagen !

IMG_0679 IMG_0680 IMG_0682

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Hot wheelin…

How many car designers choose their career with a little help from Hot Wheels ? More than a few, I suspect.
Their stylists are the unsung heroes of the auto industry. Now and then (disguising it as a gift for my kids…) I buy a few. Yesterday, a 5-pack yielded these beauties… Meet HW40, Ground FX and Nitro. Keep Hot Wheelin.


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The mighty Xerion

I suppose you never heard of the Claas Xerion 5000 ? Until a few months ago, me neither…

Back then i was trundling Amazon’s toy department looking for a nice Bruder tractor to order, for one of my kids b-day – BTW if you haven’t heard of Bruder toys shame on you !


That’s when I came across the Xerion which immediately grabbed me, by its sheer “macho” looks. I quickly ordered it and then proceded to find a bit more about it.

Turns out it’s a 4wd / 4ws behemoth with a 12 liter Caterpillar diesel engine making some 500hp. But the interesting piece is that it can drive itself autonomously using GPS, to guarantee that no square centimeter of a crop is wasted, nor 1 liter of diesel gulped unnecessarily.

On top of that, its multi-functional joysticks and touchscreen control panels look as if they could came from a modern jet fighter !


Autonomous cars ? It seems the future has arrived. We just weren’t looking in the right spot.

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Fantastic !

Yesterday, I had a good surprise from the postman. My order for a GT-Spirit 964 Carrera RS 3.8 finally arrived. And it is… outstanding. It’s like having the real car to look at in your shelf. The depth and smoothness of the body paint is remarkable. GT-Spirit is a newcomer to the model market and they only have 3-4 models out (all Porsche BTW !), but it seems we can expect good things for the future.

The 964 Carrera RS 3.8 is a very special Porsche as you can find out from several sources. I was never a big fan of the 964 more bulbous extremities, but here all that becomes irrelevant in view of the whole package.

964, I’m finally at peace with you… Wellcome.


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I finally went ahead and bought a bottle of Jagermeister, something that any true Porsche addict shouldn’t be without.
Jagermeister (Huntmaster in German) is a herbal liquor best consumed cold (very). I keep it in the freezer at -18C and it’s mouth-wateringly excellent !


For many, many years I didn’t know what Jagermeister stood for. I just knew it was written on the side of some fabulous 934’s that seemed to win every GT race in the mid 70’s. Those were the days…


A few years later Tamiya come out with a fantastically detailed 1/12 scale model kit of this same car. My, how I lusted after it, as it was quite pricey ! In fact, I still continue to lust. As they became collector items, the price has more or less kept up  with the inflation since then.


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