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WE – Very emotional…

Porsche does emotion like no other, again.

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Truly hand made.

Found this small gem of a documentary about Porsche, dating probably from 73. Lots of footage from the assembly line…
In this day and age, when marketing advertises “craftmanship” and “handmade” willy-nilly, it’s sobering to watch a truly hand made car being built. No robots but hammers abound…

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Keep the faith !

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Porsche knows fun. Again.

Porsche humour…

Glad to see the resurgence of the lime-green colour. It deserves to be as popular as viper green …

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The 911 is unique.

This seems like old news, I know… What other car has been selling for more than 50 years and each new generation sells like hot cakes ? But there’s even more to it.

Just at the recent Geneva show, P-fans were in awe, both of the new GT3 RS brought by Porsche, but also of the recreation (rethink ?) of a classic 911 by RUF in the form of the all carbon new CTR. What other car can surprise us simultaneously in such two different (but also different) ways ?

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Dancing in the snow.

Porsche is funny.

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Green with envy ?

As a remarkable coincidence, on the same day Porsche announces its new GT3RS, sporting a strangely familiar shade of green, I’ve put an add to sell my very own 911, in the same shade of green (Gelbgrün – colour 137 for colour nerds out there)…

Call me if you’re interested… or head here


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