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Getting fat…

Interesting comparison – at 1/18 scale – between a G-series 911 and a current 991.
It’s not that the 991 is much bigger, length wise regarding its ancestor, but rather a question of girth. Like, say… a Panzer versus a Kubelwagen !

IMG_0679 IMG_0680 IMG_0682

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Friends will be friends…

Sunday morning…


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This is clearly a year of milestones. My own 911 was 40yrs old this October and I almost forgot the occasion !
I don’t know its exact build date, but with a first license plate issued in the first days of November 73, I can’t be too far off.
Happy birthday kermie, and here’s to the next 40 years !


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June 21, 2013 · 9:01 am

Flower power !

This funky interior belongs to Porsche serial number 911 230 1514. It’s one of the 3 original prototypes for the 73′ Carrera RS. Built on a 72′ 911S body, it carries the 210hp 2.7 engine of the later Carrera. This one, however, carries a bit more in terms of history. Offered by Louise Piëch to her son Michael Piëch, it was “customized” by Anatole Lapine. Apart from the paisley interior, it sports fire-engine red paint, color coded Fuchs and engine grill, plus a few other unusual details.

There’s no lack of variety (or surprises) in Porsche world !



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Cinemascope brochures

There was a time when Porsche brochures were more adventurous… Check these two for the 74 (orange) and 75 (black) model years !


And opened.

They measure about 35 x 25 cm. During my teen years, I had both covers spread on my bedroom walls… It was a long journey.

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