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Stelvio !


STELVIO – Porsche Drive Pass Portrait from Stefan Bogner on Vimeo.

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More than Sun…

Although Algarve is widely known for a lot of Sun, there’s more to it….
Like one of the best racetracks in the World – AIA – Portimão.
Am I right or am I right ?


And below the complete comparison between 918, LaLaLa and P1. Surely one of the greatest vids ever from Chris Harris. Absolutely epic !

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My kind of hybrids…

Not all hybrids are born alike.

Only Porsche can claim an electric lineage going back to 1898


And a hybrid going back to 1900

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50 year old tech, sort of…

Old Porsches are still strongly competent machinery, also when racing. Below, there’s a small comparison between the times obtained by a Porsche 918 vs a 60’s 911, although one with a few 90’s bits.

And if you dig for facts you can also learn that this particular example (Jack Olsen’s Black Beauty II) bettered the time set by a well driven, current gen 911 (a 991 50 year edition). Guess there’s no replacement for lightness…

For your viewing pleasure, you can also watch the whole lap.

This reminds me of a phrase I read…There are no classic Porsches, just old Porsches… Get the meaning ?


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6:57 < 7:00 !

Congratulations Porsche !

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