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It’s time for another Porsche night…

Once again, the Porsche Soundnacht took its place a few weeks ago, at the Porsche Museum.

Eleven fabulous cars and sounds. My favorite though, was the orange RSR IROC !

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Dumbo ears – #1 in the Porsche design icons series

The popular “flag” mirrors were introduced in the 1976 model year and lasted until 1989, only disappearing with  the introduction of the 964 series.

They were electrically controlled and heated, thus being one of the first mirrors to have such features. Their large size and peculiar shape were to become an easily recognizable trait of 911’s from the 70’s and 80’s.

However, in due time they were also used in the 924, 924 Carrera GT, 944 and 928 lines. Which only made sense, why go to the trouble of reinventing such an advanced and good looking mirror ?

Recently, I had the opportunity to disassemble one and was impressed by the engineering in it. The outer case as well as the swivel base are both light alloy castings, not plastics or pressed sheet metal. Overall you get the impression that one could hoist the car by the mirrors ! I doubt if there ever was a more solid mirror in a production car. Maybe those from an 80’s S-Klass ? I would love to dismantle one of those. Can anyone shed some light ?




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