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It’s time for another Porsche night…

Once again, the Porsche Soundnacht took its place a few weeks ago, at the Porsche Museum.

Eleven fabulous cars and sounds. My favorite though, was the orange RSR IROC !

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Kussmaul Chronicles.

Introduction video for what seems to be truly a MUST-HAVE book, the “Kussmaul Chronicles”. Obviously, it chronicles the life and exploits of R. Kussmaul, who stayed for more than 30 years at Porsche’s motorsport department.

As you’ll see he was involved in all of Porsche’s racing achievements during that period. What a life !

The book can be bought here, and I’m off to order mine. Ciao !

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Preparing the return…

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Just another milk run

Well, not your typical shopping run… Not when you’re driving a street legal Porsche 962, going for errands, enjoying a drink, etc.

What was new to me was that carbon monocoque 962’s existed at all. Apparently there was a small batch made by Vern Schuppan for eccentric, ultra wealthy customers… the sort you find in Japan.

Also, kudos for the beautiful photography and audio on the video. Enjoy.

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