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The Ercole Spada issue.

As already mentioned, when I was recently at Autoworld Brussels they were having a small exhibit on the works of Ercole Spada. He was chief stylist at Zagato during the most of the 60’s, where he penned some of his most recognizable (and Zagato’s !) designs. After leaving Zagato, he went to BMW (5 and 7 -series), to IDEA and back to Zagato. Currently he works for his own studio (with his son) – Spadaconcept.

First was the Aston DB4 GT Zagato – my favourite (yes, I’m predictable).


The stunning Alfa-Romeo Giulia TZ (for Tubolare Zagato). In 2010, Zagato come up with a very interesting sequel, the TZ3 Corsa and Stradale, based on a Dodge Viper (!)


There was also the less exotic Alfa-Romeo GT 1300/1600 Junior Zagato, using the mechanicals of the popular 105/115 series.



The Lancia Fulvia Sport Zagato.


Finally, the Lancia Flaminia Sport Zagato, for me, the less appealing of all. Interestingly, different versions of the Flaminia Coupé were built by Pinifarina, Touring and Zagato – People were spoiled for choice !



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Loose ends from Autoworld Brussels…

Just a few loose ends from my recent trip to Autoworld Brussels…

A small Fiat engine from the early 20th century. So handcrafted, it could come from a teenager Science Fair project.


This is the electric Sinclair C5. Remember Sinclair ? In Europe, those above a certain age (me) remember it as the guy who first popularized personal computers (ZX81, Spectrum). He also come up with this personal mobility device 30-odd years ago… Too early as it turned out, it was a flop.


Portrait of Mercedes Jellinek, daughter of Emil Jellinek, who sat on the board of Daimler-Benz in the early 1900’s. And yes, Mercedes are Mercedes because of her.


 This is the Lancia Hyena, a Zagato one-off based on a Lancia Delta HF Integrale. Never heard about it before, but that’s ok…


A very weirdly bodied Bugatti. Not pretty, but quite remarkable and aerodynamic for the time.


Close-up of the fine woodwork on a 40’s Ford convertible. Bring up the cedar oil !


This is the American Crosley from the late 40’s. A good first try at making a small car… It was reasonably roomy inside.


This bullet like contraption is the Belgian “Jamais Content”, at one time the fastest electric car in the world.


 An early shot at building a caravan / motorhome on the chassis of a Ford T (?) I like the porch on the back…


Finally, the Belgium made Gillet Vertigo. A very small production supercar that achieved some sucess in GT races in the late 00’s. Quite brutal in its looks, this is the competition version, as there are more civilized / leatherized versions available.



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Autoworld Brussels

Having been in Brussels recently with a few hours to kill before taking the flight home, I decided to head for the Autoworld auto museum. I already knew it from a couple of years ago, but lacking a better option, I went again.

The museum is set amidst the agreeable Parq du Cinquantenaire, built to celebrate the first 50 years of the Belgian nation. The museum building, along with the opposite one, was built at the same time specifically to house exhibits and collections. It’s a big, airy, iron and stone building typical of the Victorian era, albeit in Brussels. As it turned out, my time was well spent, as there were some notable new exhibits since my last time. For today, I’ll just go over the more exotic Porsche related stuff. Note – I only had my Iphone available, so the pictures quality is just about acceptable…

First was this magnificent 904 GTS. They’re really gorgeous when seen in the flesh, and tiny !


There was a 550 Spyder, set amidst a period garage.


A Vasek Polak 935, but sadly, in a state of some disrepair… flat tires, etc.


Then I struck gold, as for the first time I came to see one of my favourite racing Porsches and liveries of all time: A Kremer 934 with the turquoise Vaillant livery ! Fortunately, it was in a really good condition and I just stood there for some minutes trying to soak up the details…


Notice the built-in jack pads, fixed to the regular jacking points. Curiously, the door cards had the switches for electric windows, but I suppose the motors were removed.


Unfortunately I missed (by a few months, it ended in January) a big Porsche exhibit titled “The heritage, From electric to electric”. It was a pity, as all the landmark racing cars were present, plus a 918 and the Lohner-Porsche, hence from electric to electric… All I could see was this diaporama of the exhibit.



And now for the true cognoscienti, a cutaway of the fuel distributor for a Bosch KE-Jetronic injection, as installed on a Mercedes engine.


Finally after leaving, I noticed some people having a nice meal in the sky, courtesy of Dinner in the Sky.


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