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Redline revisited.

I can’t stand still for long, so… I made another t-shirt design !

I picked what was my oldest design (Redline) and refined it for more emphasis on the essential, that is… the rev counter and its Redline ! Just click on it to go to the store.


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June 21, 2013 · 9:01 am

Toothpaste: Red, White and Blue


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March 13, 2013 · 7:09 am

Flower power !

This funky interior belongs to Porsche serial number 911 230 1514. It’s one of the 3 original prototypes for the 73′ Carrera RS. Built on a 72′ 911S body, it carries the 210hp 2.7 engine of the later Carrera. This one, however, carries a bit more in terms of history. Offered by Louise Piëch to her son Michael Piëch, it was “customized” by Anatole Lapine. Apart from the paisley interior, it sports fire-engine red paint, color coded Fuchs and engine grill, plus a few other unusual details.

There’s no lack of variety (or surprises) in Porsche world !



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A case of DDG (Drop Dead Gorgeous)

Love this picture…

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The future’s so bright, i have to wear shades !

Lime green ? Viper green ? Humm… It depends on the “photoshoping” you might do. Anyway I love the colours (car and sky).


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Heir to the throne

The limited edition 997 GT3 RS 4.0 (a mouthful…) is probably the most “faithful” heir to the 73′ Carrera RS.
Raw, accurate, addictive… words fail us to describe it. However, as any 911, it still has a practical side allowing it to be used as an (almost ?) daily driver.
The video below, from the stupendous Drive channel on YouTube, shows Chris Harris enjoying a last drive before winter sets in. Pump up the volume…

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