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More than Sun…

Although Algarve is widely known for a lot of Sun, there’s more to it….
Like one of the best racetracks in the World – AIA – Portimão.
Am I right or am I right ?


And below the complete comparison between 918, LaLaLa and P1. Surely one of the greatest vids ever from Chris Harris. Absolutely epic !

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Scared Chris…

Just found this old video from EVO, where Chris Harris gets on a 911 GT3 RS with French rally legend François Delecour. The ride takes place near François homeground (home to stages of the Rallye du Var), and he proceeds to give Chris a few scares as he drives close to the limit on public open roads… Should have been a hell of a drive.

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Tetra bonus

You can’t miss this video which gets together 4 stars in it’s own right: 1987 Le Mans winner Porsche 962, tested by Chris “Monkey” Harris at Porsche’s Weissach test track, preceded by a chat with 962 project leader, Norbert Singer. Uff…

There’s a lot to admire here (apart from the 962), the attitude and keen observations by Chris Harris, the nerve of the Porsche Museum in freely loaning a multi-million dollar car for Chris to rip around a racetrack and, finally, small glimpses of the design decisions made by the 962 team, as told by Norbert Singer.

PS – I also like that the ignition key is just like the one on my 911…

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Heir to the throne

The limited edition 997 GT3 RS 4.0 (a mouthful…) is probably the most “faithful” heir to the 73′ Carrera RS.
Raw, accurate, addictive… words fail us to describe it. However, as any 911, it still has a practical side allowing it to be used as an (almost ?) daily driver.
The video below, from the stupendous Drive channel on YouTube, shows Chris Harris enjoying a last drive before winter sets in. Pump up the volume…

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