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Shadows and stripes


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June 2, 2017 · 3:45 pm

A shot of motivation…

Nothing like seeing old G-modell 911’s screaming on a road to force me to finally remove the engine from my own car and start on the rebuild road…


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Getting fat…

Interesting comparison – at 1/18 scale – between a G-series 911 and a current 991.
It’s not that the 991 is much bigger, length wise regarding its ancestor, but rather a question of girth. Like, say… a Panzer versus a Kubelwagen !

IMG_0679 IMG_0680 IMG_0682

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Pimples and dimples.

Ever wondered why all 911’s pre-964, have this sort of pimples on the outer edges of the headlights glass ?
It turns out that during development, the engineers couldn’t get rid of some condensation appearing on the edges of the glass, harmless but not pleasing to the eye.
Enter Herr Piëch, master overseer, who decreed “if we can’t get rid of them, we’ll adopt them”. And so, the pimples were born.


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Why we love the 911

From Car magazine, August 2013…


This schematic comes from the 74 MY brochure, when the first impact bumper generation – G – was launched.

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