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The mighty Xerion

I suppose you never heard of the Claas Xerion 5000 ? Until a few months ago, me neither…

Back then i was trundling Amazon’s toy department looking for a nice Bruder tractor to order, for one of my kids b-day – BTW if you haven’t heard of Bruder toys shame on you !


That’s when I came across the Xerion which immediately grabbed me, by its sheer “macho” looks. I quickly ordered it and then proceded to find a bit more about it.

Turns out it’s a 4wd / 4ws behemoth with a 12 liter Caterpillar diesel engine making some 500hp. But the interesting piece is that it can drive itself autonomously using GPS, to guarantee that no square centimeter of a crop is wasted, nor 1 liter of diesel gulped unnecessarily.

On top of that, its multi-functional joysticks and touchscreen control panels look as if they could came from a modern jet fighter !


Autonomous cars ? It seems the future has arrived. We just weren’t looking in the right spot.

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