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Wide RS..R


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Industrial Light and Magic.

I’m a big fan of the Gran Turismo franchise, and just find all the intros quite remarkable, some even goose-bumping. Maybe, my fav is this one from GT5…

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Is it a P-51 ? No, it’s a Porsche !

Craziest paint scheme I can remember in a racing Porsche, don’t you think ? It was found a few weeks ago at Austin, Texas. Of course.

I hope Stef Schader from Jalopnik doesn’t mind from grabbing her photo…


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True strength



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NSFW – Warning, automotive erotica!

There’s no other way to describe it, but as Automotive Erotica… If Enzo F considered the E-type as the most beautiful car ever made, what would he say about the Eagle Low Drag GT ?

Who cares ? Drool on !

James Lipman 4

James Lipman 1

Tim Scott, studio 3

Tim Scott, studio 4

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Eu vou (I’m going)

Shazam !! Finally, after a few false starts, next month I’m gonna be at the Le Mans 24Hrs. I’m incredibly anxious and excited…We’ll be at the Beausejour camping area, near the Porsche curve (where else ?). I promise to post pics (lots) after coming back. Stay tuned.

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