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I’m a Magnus fan , after all !

Lovely car, what a sound. At first the color combo seemed atrocious, but then… I became in love !

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Just lovely…

Just lovely...

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August 4, 2013 · 8:18 am

Like the first time…

Over the years Porsche has produced some pretty memorable advertising, often relying on subtle irony mixed with casualness. To me, some of the best were for the German market and, as such, largely unnoticed outside. This is one of them – “Like the first time, only every time”.


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I’m a long time fan (21 yrs and counting) and avid reader of Car magazine. Frequently they make available some of their best shots as wallpapers free for anyone to download.

This one one just caught my attention and I find it a truly outstanding photo. what do you think ?


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