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NSFW – Warning, automotive erotica!

There’s no other way to describe it, but as Automotive Erotica… If Enzo F considered the E-type as the most beautiful car ever made, what would he say about the Eagle Low Drag GT ?

Who cares ? Drool on !

James Lipman 4

James Lipman 1

Tim Scott, studio 3

Tim Scott, studio 4

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Passion Japan.

The passion for cars burns high and intense most everywhere in the world. However, I will argue that in Japan, it burns brighter, or hotter….

Where else would you find the lucky owners of a Jaguar XJ220LM, a Mazda 767B and a Porsche 962C, taking them to the streets for a good trash ? Only in Japan, of course.

Delight yourselves with the following video, shot by Luke Huxham from Maiham-Media, and also available in ultra high-res 4k !

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