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Oh Lord, won’t you buy me a new tub ?

I know it’s late for Christmas, but…


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It’s time for another Porsche night…

Once again, the Porsche Soundnacht took its place a few weeks ago, at the Porsche Museum.

Eleven fabulous cars and sounds. My favorite though, was the orange RSR IROC !

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The CEO that can drive…

Spotted on a recent visit to the Porsche Museum, and freshly returned from this year’s Mille Miglia…


Porsche CEO, Matthias Müller drove the 550, and  board and family member, Wolfgang Porsche drove the white Speedster. They know how to have fun…



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Greetings from Zuffenhausen…

When you order something from the Porsche Museum store, you also get these little signed postcards… Just a small detail really, but the devil is in the details !


PS – Oh ! and their service is really fast, too.

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From Greece to the UK.

There’s no limit to what a determined Porsche-o-phile will do to get the car of his dreams !
What a brilliant adventure. Pay special attention to some Weber overhauling at 10:54… in the middle of the Swiss alps.

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911 X 911

Finally I received my copy of 911 x 911, the Porsche Museum commemorative book on 50 years of the 911. Originally slated to be available in July / August, the date was progressively delayed, eventually coming out just in time for Christmas.


Notice the houndstooth / pepita motif for the inner lining of the cover ? – sweet !

What can I say ? WOW ! It’s a delightful / yummy kind of book. You sit in your sofa and shut yourself from the world for some 2 hours to delve into 50 years of history. There’s no weird technical details to be found here, it’s more of a coffee table kind of book, but in a good way. There’s a chapter for each generation of our icon, and you will find photos from brochures, ads, the “real world”, racing, the factory and the design studio.


Everyone will be happy: text is in german, english, french, spanish and chinese !

The last 2 chapters (997 and 911) are for me the least interesting as they rely more on PR / brochures rather than racing or more casual situations. Truth is, for better or worse they reflect the changing role and personality of the 911 across the last generations.

In all, it’s a really enjoyable book where even seasoned 911 experts can find a few information snippets oblivious to them. And at around  25 GBP (from Amazon uk) for a 1.000 page book, you can’t be wrong, right ?

DSC_5612Tried to weigh this thing, but my kitchen scale only goes up to 3Kg…

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Sound Nacht 2013

Only Porsche Museum people are passionate enough to have a yearly Night of Sound… Hard to imagine any other brand doing this.

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