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The CEO that can drive…

Spotted on a recent visit to the Porsche Museum, and freshly returned from this year’s Mille Miglia…


Porsche CEO, Matthias Müller drove the 550, and  board and family member, Wolfgang Porsche drove the white Speedster. They know how to have fun…



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NSFW – Warning, automotive erotica!

There’s no other way to describe it, but as Automotive Erotica… If Enzo F considered the E-type as the most beautiful car ever made, what would he say about the Eagle Low Drag GT ?

Who cares ? Drool on !

James Lipman 4

James Lipman 1

Tim Scott, studio 3

Tim Scott, studio 4

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Speedster – Classics only parking lot

I recently discovered a french magazine that fits the bill for me. Classic Porsches only, with plenty of interesting articles and photos. Publicity levels are reasonable, and for most, useful. It’s Speedster Magazine, a bimonthly from Hommell.
If you are handy with French take a look.

Speedster Magazine

Speedster Magazine

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