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Truly hand made.

Found this small gem of a documentary about Porsche, dating probably from 73. Lots of footage from the assembly line…
In this day and age, when marketing advertises “craftmanship” and “handmade” willy-nilly, it’s sobering to watch a truly hand made car being built. No robots but hammers abound…

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Thanks Stuttgart! 

I couldn’t agree more. Porsche fans are indebted to Stuttgart and its work force. 

PS – And also Mercedes, Bosch, Mahle… 

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It’s time for another Porsche night…

Once again, the Porsche Soundnacht took its place a few weeks ago, at the Porsche Museum.

Eleven fabulous cars and sounds. My favorite though, was the orange RSR IROC !

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Ground 0.


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May 19, 2015 · 7:30 pm

This is the place…


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April 1, 2014 · 8:11 pm


Welcome to the year of the 911 ! Yes, our old friend is definitely into middle age, but still going pretty strong. As was to be expected, along 2013 there will be a number of events celebrating this milestone .


A special exhibition will be held at the Porsche Museum in Stuttgart, from June 6 till September 29.  Also, recently edited by the Museum is the book “911 X 911” chronicling the 911 story  in… 911 pages. And let’s not forget that the new 911 GT3 RSR recently presented, sported a very special “50 years” livery.


The Porsche channel on the Web is already coming out with some specials too, ones celebrating customer stories…

Others more focused on the Motorsport side…

And a specific 50 Years  microsite has just gone live…

Me… not wanting to be left behind, I came up with a “special” t-shirt design. Available in Blue, Green or Orange, short or long sleeve, there will be something bound to look good on you. Hope you like it !


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Hits the (G) spot

A mint G-Wagen from 86. Built, almost unchanged, from the late 70’s and still going strong today.
Probably the best real 4X4 in existence (I’m looking at you Landcruiser) !
Yes, not Porsche related, but coming from Stuttgart also.


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