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A beginners guide to tail spotting

The many different styles and configurations of 911 wing tails over the years are a constant source of discussion and banter among the cognoscienty and beffudlement among outsiders. Here we present a very simple (and incomplete) guide to the most famous, common (or the ones that take our fancy !) wing tails to have graced 911’s rumps over the last 40-ish years.

Never leave home without it !

The one that started it all. The duck tail first appearing on the 73′ Carrera RS.


This same style had a recent, but short, comeback on the 997 limited edition Sport Classic.

Around 73-74 Porsche was showing the first examples of the famous whale tail as part of the aero package of the RSR IROC’s.


About a year later, they were going more extreme, as this huge wing on a 934/5 shows.


Ok, back to the street life. This is the classic production whale tail. First appearing on Turbos and later getting a more widespread adoption as a series or optional equipment on regular 911’s.


This is the tea-tray tail. Quite similar to the previous whale tail, apart from a raised rubber lip around it. Graced the Turbos, but I’m not sure about lesser Carreras…

The 964 generation signalled a move to more sophistication and subtlety. Here the wing is hidden by default, raising either automatically at speed, or on command for those “look-at-me” moments. This approach is still in use until now (991) for the non GT versions.


Now, we’re going extreme again. Below is the huge wing of the 993 GT2 Evo. Notice the air inlets incorporated into the side struts.

This is the serious-looking strut supporting the wing on a 997gen GT3 RS.


Again, same wing from a different angle. (Ok, I love the 997 GT3 RS…)


Ok, now we’re going overboard… Big wing on a RWB tuned 911. (Stay around for a future feature on Rauh Welt Begriff).


Another RWB tuned specimen, with an even BIGGER wing. Love the colour BTW !

Last, but not least, the rear from the notorious 935/78 “Moby Dick”. Big wing, big power (>= 750bhp), big racing success. One of the climaxes of Porsche racing history.

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The Air Force needs you !

Looking at this array of wings don’t you feel an urge to fly ?

From Porsche911history.tumblr.com


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