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Vintage rules

Sometimes I think there’s more fun and passion at vintage races, than on “modern” races… Have a look.

Vintage Racer – Chad Plavan from Niccolo Roveda on Vimeo.



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Vintage Panamera

I wonder how it would be to drive, compared against a regular 911…
Anyway, not exactly pretty, but with those suicide rear doors access should be pretty confortable.

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Do your duty: Save a 911 !

Beautiful clip on a well known German Porsche restorer. The passion shows through !

911Reborn The Clip (with subtitels) from Claus Kossmann on Vimeo.

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LA Outlaw

By now, I think everybody already knows about Magnus Walker and his sizeable 911 addiction. Either way, you can keep up with his achievements by following his recent blog. Amazingly, on top of a few restoration projects simultaneously underway and everything else, he also found some time to start pursuing interests in photography and film…

The trailer for his upcoming short “Urban Outlaw” is already out and it sure sets our mouths dripping…

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Rust to Glory

A few days ago while ordering “Dust to Glory”, a fantastic documentary on the Baja 1000, I came up with the idea for this post, aptly renamed as “Rust to Glory”.

When I bought my car, I also bought unknowingly a bucket of rust… blame it on the strong emotions that a first ride on a 911 (even partly rusty) can generate. Fast forward a few years and I decided to finally tackle the issue, head on (or rather I paid someone to do it).

Many hours later, almost as if it just arrived from the factory…

Even many more hours later…


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Preserving the heritage


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Solitude, where have you been ?

Amazing, fantastic, incredible, spectacular video report from the Solitude Revival in 2011.
Please hear it LOUD. It deserves it. Clearly, the filming crew went to great lengths to obtain accurate sounds and it shows / plays.
The quality is way above what usually can be found on the net. Enjoy…

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