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The 911 is unique.

This seems like old news, I know… What other car has been selling for more than 50 years and each new generation sells like hot cakes ? But there’s even more to it.

Just at the recent Geneva show, P-fans were in awe, both of the new GT3 RS brought by Porsche, but also of the recreation (rethink ?) of a classic 911 by RUF in the form of the all carbon new CTR. What other car can surprise us simultaneously in such two different (but also different) ways ?

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A legend was born.

Only a few days back, RUF published for the first time the full clip of Yellowbird circling the Nordschleife. Afterwards,  Yellowbird became the stuff of legend and did wonders for the visibility of RUF.

Many years later, it’s still entrancing to watch. The courage and skill the driver demonstrates, still awe us all. Just notice the crazy angles he applies to the wheel in trying to manhandle the beast !

I bet that any modern 900hp-plus hybrid/phev/ice hypercar is easier to handle round the Ring than the CTR’s puny 400hp were at the time.

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From newly renamed Mezger Werk

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Baap, Baap !!

Can’t wait to hear them sing !


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More RWB love…

This time from Thailand. The last minutes are great for showing the incredible variety that can be found on 911-land !

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RWB revisited.

Nakai-san again. Hard to see him at work and not think of an old time artisan doing his thing… like a 21st century Michelangelo…

The Rides – Porsche 964 RWB / More Than Just A Good Sir from SpeedArchitech on Vimeo.

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Lime green extravaganza

By Techart


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March 29, 2013 · 8:46 am

Maria, Maria, Maria !

I really appreciate cafe-racer inspired, customized bikes, and I’m an avid reader of the BikeExif blog. Just featured is a magnific Ducati 750SS from Maria Motorcycles based in Lisboa, Portugal. Besides the gorgeousness, I couldn’t let pass that Maria is from my home town !

No website yet, but a link to their Facebook page.ducati-750ss-5

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The legacy of Nakai-San

RWB – Rauh Welt Begriff, is Nakai-San automotive persona. For me, he’s one of the 3 tuners/builders/modifiers (whatever…) that I truly admire, in no particular order: Singer, Ruf, RWB. All completely different in scope, execution, objective and cost. It just shows how mind-boggling diverse, the Porsche 911 galaxy actually is.

Nakai-San is the consummate artisan. His cars show a much stronger concern for visuals rather than for internals. Which doesn’t mean that they’re left out of the package, it’s just that the body mods have such an inherent aggression and rawness that goes so well with older (air) 911’s.

I really crave the pics from his workshop and him at work. There’s an appealing apparent disorder and a strong hot-rodding ambiance, while we watch him finessing a huge fender flare…

Take a look at the incredible tight fit between fender and wheel ! One of his trademarks.

He gives each one of the cars he builds, a different visible name, etching it for posterity. The most known is his own 930 – Stella Artois – probably named for his favorite beer.

You will notice that most of his cars have tires from Idlers… Well, as far as I know Idlers is not a real brand, it’s just a stencil that he uses to spray paint his tires sidewalls. It’s his own brand… And they do look good ! Score +1 for RWB.

Scroll down for a modest selection of his cars. I had a hard time deciding which ones to include, I love them all ! They really strike a chord in me. This is part of what made me gravitate to Porsche during the 70’s, those wide rear fenders…

He seems to be partial to Lime Green 😉

But reds are nice too.


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