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Stelvio !


STELVIO – Porsche Drive Pass Portrait from Stefan Bogner on Vimeo.


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Shadows and stripes


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June 2, 2017 · 3:45 pm

Revisiting Stockholm…

This was one of the earliest videos that I remember watching in Youtube, when the century was brand new…

Although clearly inspired on “C’était un rendez vous” by Claude Lelouche, in my opinion it betters the original, because:

  • No speeded-up segments
  • The car you hear is the car driving
  • A 930 sounds better 🙂

Warning – Don’t try this at home !

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A forest stroll.


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April 26, 2015 · 7:56 pm

Pilgrimage II

Chris Rusby is at it again. Remember the first pilgrimage, where he bought and brought an old 911 from Greece to the UK, sight unseen ?

Well, it seems a new adventure has already taken place…

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Loulé !

Pretty picture, and taken in old sunny Algarve during the press launch of the new Cayman GT4.


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Colour me blind.

This is the amazing colour palette that has graced 911’s in their first 50 years of life.
My car original colour (Gemini Metallic) and current one (Limegreen) are in there, somewhere.



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